Monday, July 21, 2008

A Regretful Post

We are flattered at the concern coming our way about the inactivity of Sweet Emotion. Brett Favre is rethinking his retirement since Sweet Emotion reading will not be around next year. Alex and I have decided to retire the blog. Alas, this is just a precursor. We will have our final blog soon. Thank you to our 3 regular fans and we will post a farewell blog hopefully soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

One More Reason

Exams are done. So we should be updating a little more regularly. If we don't, we might have to call a meeting and think about shutting it down. We can't keep causing this kind of disappointment for the world every morning they hope to see a new post.

All I have to say is this: This blog discusses a lot of manly issues. And maybe there is none bigger than the issue of women in sports. Last week, Danica Patrick (female Indy Car driver) demonstrated why this needs to be an issue.

Monday, May 05, 2008

A Few Comments From The Weekend

Trade that card away before it's too late

Two more weeks of school work and then sweet emotion will be rolling again. Alas, I emerge from my work to make a couple of comments regarding this weekend.

First: Has anyone had a more tragic career drop than Roger Clemens. Possibly O.J. Simpson? But seriously, this guy is spiraling faster than A.I. can get off his jump shot (Ok, I my apologies to A.I.....that was over-the-top, nothing is faster than that). But you get the point. And, has anyone done worse in their respective "apologies?" Clemens provides a nice window into all of our hearts. Seemingly every accusation against him is preposterous. Every mess up, is simply a "mistake." He shrugged off the affair allegations by admitting some mistakes but also said every human being has flaws. He would go along way with fans and the public if he admitted just who he was, and asked for sincere forgiveness. No one is saying that is easy, but trying to manipulate and live in a false reality will eventually wear him down.

Alas, We are all guilty of trying to minimize our problems and maximize others. How many times do I give myself the benefit of the doubt (ex. he just misunderstood what I said), yet refuse to give another person the same benefit. At the least, the Bible tells us we should grow skeptical of our own hearts (Jer. 17:9, the heart is deceitful above all things). If people keep confronting you with sin, just maybe they are seeing something you don't see yourself.

Secondly, I hesitate to blog on this because we try to stay devoted to legitimate athletes (which horses are not...we assume the definition of an athlete includes being a human being). PETA is at it again. They are out of control. Yes, I know "Eight Belles" having to be put down following the race is not a pretty sight. Back in the old days they would raise a tent and just shoot the horse. But seriously, to demand that the horse was unethically treated and therefore the owner should return the prize money is absurd. Do you know how much equity that owner just lost when he had to put the horse down? I promise the owner is more sad than PETA. Anyway, let's not forget, PETA could not even find took the intellect of the one and only Ace Ventura. We need less PETA and more Ace Venturas. What makes me most sad about this incident is the sure resurrection of some Barbaro stories....ughh!

Back to the books

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I need to get some me!"

Just a few thoughts for the day....

- With the long writers strike, are we going to have all our TV shows cut short this season? That is, I'm guessing we are not going to get the full 22 or 23 episode season. If that happens, shouldn't we get a MAJOR pricecut on the DVD purchase, I don't want to have to take out another morgage to pay for 2/3 of a season. The ironic beauty of this would be the writers getting 'less money' for the DVD's in which they originally held out for. All in all, I'd be happy watching "The Office" through June instead of baseball or reality TV.

- The NFL draft is over, and I'm so glad. Mel Kiper can finally go back to his tanning bed and hair salon until his pre-emptive talk is called upon again in October. The thing you gotta love about Mel is that he is always convinced he is right, walks around like the 'godfather' of something that he is convinced is second in importance behind the presidential race (little does he know 99% of us glance at the results in the same manner as finding out the next day who won the Academy Award for best picture, "hmm...Ok, didn't think Crash was that good"). I'm already laughing at "Mockdraft 1" for 2009 on, by the time mockdraft 786 comes around, I can actually get just as close. Does anyone else think that Todd McShay is Kiper's 'Robin'? (and I mean the 'Robin' from Batman Forever....the worst superhero movie of all time)

- The NBA playoffs, We are 2 weeks into it....only 17 more to go. Although, the Hawks (yes, Atlanta still has a professional team, if your shocked like me, you need to know they didn't dissapear with the Montreal Expos. trust me, I looked it up) are tied with the Celtics. Pretty exciting stuff...for about 2 minutes. Actually, I find it more exciting to find out what happened the next morning on "Mike and Mike" than to actually sit down and watch a game. But with my hometown 76ers, I actually do stay up and find out what happened on the local news. yeah for the NBA.

- Baseball, 25 down...137 to go...wake me up when it's over.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Legend of Isaiah

He set out to spend the most amount of money possible on the poorest evaluation of talent. Accomplished. He arranged for millions to be paid to men who were better set in their recliener at home. He traded away draft picks for promising team players, like Stephan Marbury. He formed a team that had one qualification to be on the roster....the largest ego in the game. He wasn't finished. So he chose to step on to the court and mold the talent he had arranged by imploring strategies similar to the drunken millionaire at the poker table. Surely this mockery had to end we thought.

It appears that Isaiah Thomas has been fired as coach, but is going to somehow still remain with the team. Knick's president Donnie Walsh has chosen simply to "reassign" Thomas, rather than doing what he should have done, putting him in a wooden crate on some ship to the far east. At this point of the news, I wasn't sure whether Walsh was so dilushend that he just had to convince himself "There's still some good in him, I can feel it". But then as I learned of the job description, the move became apparent. This is classic game of stubborn chicken, daring each other who can take on more embarrassment.

Here is the 'new' job description: Thomas has no official title, he is to have NO contact with any players or personel related to the Knicks. The "good news" is that Thomas may still speak to Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan, who knows what they would even have to talk about? Walsh described Thomas' new duties like this, " I don't want there to be some kind of double-voice here, so he's answering to me and nobody's reporting to him."

Here's what we have: Isaiah Thomas is getting paid by the Knicks to have no contact with anyone on the team, occasionally hang out with Millionaire James Dolan, and be available to change the toilet paper in Donnie Walsh's office bathroom. In fact, Thomas will get in trouble if does any actual work. He is on salary to do nothing. Have you ever heard of this? Essentially, he has been assigned to a job that is intended to humilate any "Legacy" Isaiah wanted to write. The funniest part is that Thomas has yet to quit, he wants to play the game, go head to head with Walsh. Who is going to back down first?

This is the real life saga of the Seinfeld episode "The Voice", if you remember George Costanza's company wants to get rid of him b/c they found out he wasn't really handicapped. Ironically, George was handicapped, just not physically, or 'legally'. Play Now wanted George out, but couldn't b/c he had a 1 year contract with them, and "faking a handicap" was not proper grounds for legal dismissal. George chooses to go head to head with the boss refusing (like Isaiah) to quit, who tells him "I'll see you in Hell Costanza!!". George chooses to exploit the contract by meeting it's one demand: Showing up to work everyday. Play Now tries to force him out by 'reassigning' his office to the basement, boarding it up which forced George to climb through the vent, poisoning his food. But George persisted through, until he ironically bankrupts them at the end of the episode, putting himself out of a job.

Maybe that's what Isaiah will do next, figure out a way to bankrupt one of the richest franchises in sports. Who know's what is next. But the Legend continues....