Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Alex........whatever

The sports depression continues to grow (OK, I'm not as bumbed out as Dr. 'abouttodie' in pic above). 4 Reasons:

1) I have been unable to contribute anything lately b/c of the frustration I had with the University of Kansas in the tournament. Jay Bilas got his wish and stomped all over my heart and the rest of America's by eliminating Davidson, then got out-of-this-world lucky in the championship game. I was bumbed Memphis didn't win b/c I wanted them to be able to stick it to Seth Davis, Jay Bilas, ESPN, Billy Packer and the rest of the media who dogged on them and said they were the 'weakest' of the #1 seeds...we were :03 away from that. Why didn't Calipari say in his TO "after he makes the second free throw_______" (you finish it).

2) The Masters is definitively now the "opening act" for golf's true main event in June, The US Open. How boring has this tournament become? They have made the course in such a way that it is impossible to make a move on Sunday but it is not so hard that you go out and shoot eighty-something (someone in the last group of the US Open has done that in 6 consecutive years). I am bored with Zach Johnson, I am bored with Trevor Immelmon. There are no roars on the back nine anymore. The two greatest Sundays at Augusta are Phil's charge in '04 and Jack's in '86 - we are not seeing anything close to this. All the Masters does now is get me in the mood for the US Open. It has lost some luster.

3) By the Way the NBA season is upon us...oh wait, they only have 4 regular season games left?? Oh well, the playoffs start soon and they only take 4-6 months, so that should be exciting. (All aside, if you can bare to watch and pay attention - the west is going to have an incredibly competitive post season).

4) Baseball has started: The good side is that means summer is on its way, Football is the next sport, and I can catch up on all the good movies I missed this year - the bad side is that Sportscenter will now begin with statements like "Tune in at 11 to see how the Royals squeked out a nailbiter in Cleveland tonight!" or hearing statistics like "The Duke led the American League this year in saves, ERA and hit batsmen. This guy once threw at his own kid in a father son game." We have a 150 games to go......

Somebody cheer me up. Then again, there's always wedding season. (Most "unmanly" thing I've ever said)


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Will said...

What about my manly package?? I'm waiting my victory. Also, I'm with you on the Masters. It is not as exciting as the US Open.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Will said...

What about my manly package?? I'm waiting my victory. Also, I'm with you on the Masters. It is not as exciting as the US Open.

At 6:26 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I was so bored with the NCAA tournament, I'm bored with baseball, and the Masters put me to sleep.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Somebody do something to get me excited about baseball please....anything will do.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Totally agree on the should not be able to shoot 75 on Sunday and win the freaking Masters. Immelman is a world class player, but someone has to be able to challenge him.
The great thing about the US Open is that the course is a major factor on all 4 days and 2 under will generally win the tournament. The players know this going in, so it is almost always competitive (with some exceptions like Tiger at Pebble). The Masters is now a course that changes dramatically when the weather is bad...granted the wind was ridiculous on Sunday, but the difference between the course on Friday and Sunday was absurd..and it was mainly b/c of the bad inclement weather on Saturday.
Anyhow, it is not as good as the US Open now, I agree.

Also, the NBA playoffs will be great...except it is absurdly long as you mentioned. The NBA could do so much better with their young stars...cut the regular season in half (who needs 82 games to find out who the best 8 teams are...and realistically there are maximum 8 teams every year that HAVE ANY CHANCE to win a title) and make the playoffs shorter by either having a 5 game series and playing more often OR by only letting 4 teams in per conference, seeding them 1-8 and having them you could potentially have San Antonio and LA Lakers in the final, and not an East vs. West blowout.

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

I totally agree with Luke, the NBA has got to do something to make playoffs reach the full potential of their excitement, the playoffs could be something worth getting almost as pumped up about as the NFL playoffs.

Also, the Masters IS now the queen of the golf championships. Luke is right, how absurd it is to watch the champ shoot 75 and win the way he did. As much as they have tried, the course is not "Tiger-proofed", in the last 3 years he has gone 1st,2nd,2nd. They just need to go back to the way it was.


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