Monday, May 05, 2008

A Few Comments From The Weekend

Trade that card away before it's too late

Two more weeks of school work and then sweet emotion will be rolling again. Alas, I emerge from my work to make a couple of comments regarding this weekend.

First: Has anyone had a more tragic career drop than Roger Clemens. Possibly O.J. Simpson? But seriously, this guy is spiraling faster than A.I. can get off his jump shot (Ok, I my apologies to A.I.....that was over-the-top, nothing is faster than that). But you get the point. And, has anyone done worse in their respective "apologies?" Clemens provides a nice window into all of our hearts. Seemingly every accusation against him is preposterous. Every mess up, is simply a "mistake." He shrugged off the affair allegations by admitting some mistakes but also said every human being has flaws. He would go along way with fans and the public if he admitted just who he was, and asked for sincere forgiveness. No one is saying that is easy, but trying to manipulate and live in a false reality will eventually wear him down.

Alas, We are all guilty of trying to minimize our problems and maximize others. How many times do I give myself the benefit of the doubt (ex. he just misunderstood what I said), yet refuse to give another person the same benefit. At the least, the Bible tells us we should grow skeptical of our own hearts (Jer. 17:9, the heart is deceitful above all things). If people keep confronting you with sin, just maybe they are seeing something you don't see yourself.

Secondly, I hesitate to blog on this because we try to stay devoted to legitimate athletes (which horses are not...we assume the definition of an athlete includes being a human being). PETA is at it again. They are out of control. Yes, I know "Eight Belles" having to be put down following the race is not a pretty sight. Back in the old days they would raise a tent and just shoot the horse. But seriously, to demand that the horse was unethically treated and therefore the owner should return the prize money is absurd. Do you know how much equity that owner just lost when he had to put the horse down? I promise the owner is more sad than PETA. Anyway, let's not forget, PETA could not even find took the intellect of the one and only Ace Ventura. We need less PETA and more Ace Venturas. What makes me most sad about this incident is the sure resurrection of some Barbaro stories....ughh!

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At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Just one more bottle of glue to me

At 3:40 PM, Blogger kurt said...

It does concern me that if there were some crazy situation where a person had to decide between saving a horse or saving a person, there would be people who actually had to think about it. I'm shocked at this and at the same time, what did Israel do when they crossed the Red Sea? They worshiped the image of an animal. Early PETA right there in Exodus.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

I have never watched a Horse race. I would have watched this one.


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