Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lazy Moments

Ever had those moments where you look up and realize "Wow, that was a lazy move." I had one of those the other day and just wanted to share my experience and make sure I'm not alone out there.

1) I was texting (yes, I am an avid texter) on my phone, and came to a word that was not in "predictive text." Instead of taking the 7 seconds to type in the new word, I spent 10 seconds thinking of a different word that would surely be in predictive text. Yes, a nice lazy move.

2) Ever not watched TV because you couldn't find the remote?

3) Ever watched a TV show you weren't interested in because you didn't want to take the time to find the remote and change the channel?

4) Ever decided not to read an e-mail because it was over 2 paragraphs long?

5) Ever chosen to stay in bed while severely having to go to the bathroom? You struggle and fight trying to go back to sleep, but finally after a miserable 25 minutes you get up, take three minutes to go to the bathroom, and then fall back to sleep.

Anyway, just wanted to throw those back out there. Football season begins tonight!

p.s. Great article today by Albert Mohler and Mother Theresa's doubts that have everyone going wild. Take the 4 minutes to read it...well worth the time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prediction time

I think its safe to say that everybody woke up with a little skip in their step Monday morning. The sun was a little brighter and birds were fluttering outside the window. Why? Because college football season is finally here. Goodbye Baseball dominated Sportscenter. And now, without further delay, here are Sweet Emotion’s predictions in alphabetical order for the strongest conference in the NCAA.
Alex – 2nd . We all know about Florida’s recruiting classes, but the
experience factor again is significant. I'll say both Tenn. and Fla go 6-2 with a tie for the eastern division championship.
Brian – 3rd. The National Champs have a rough season by their standards (great by my beloved Rebels standards). With losses to Tennessee and Florida, they fall to 3rd. They will find that it was just too much to replace the defense of last year.

Alex – 3rd. I see a possible 3-way tie like we had in 2003, but maybe more like a 2-way tie. If i go with a two-way tie, The first team I eliminate is Georgia. Simply b/c they have so many "wildcards", their offensive and defensive lines are all brand new. I'm sure talent is there, but relatively speaking, lack of experience makes me not want to put
my $ on them.
Brian – 2nd. Matthew Stafford will have a breakout year and Georgia will finally break past Florida. Georgia is too solid all-around, but will just barely come up short of the SEC championship game as usual

Alex – 5th. Kentucky won't be able to handle the hype of
another possible 6 win season.
Brian – 5th. Andre Woodson will enable the Cats to play some close games with the big boys, but they will still be Big Blue

South Carolina
Alex – 4th . South Carolina will be a disaster with all the off-field distractions and suspensions. All the talented recruits did not get in school, 4-5 SEC wins at best.
Brian – 4th. I want to see Spurrier win, the conference is always more fun when he does. However, playing in the East will prove just too tough for him this year. He’ll get a big win, but will slip up over a team he should beat as well.

Alex – 1st . Tennessee has the least amount of 'mystery' in the division, they have experience everywhere but WR.
Brian – 1st. This is the year of Tennessee. No surprise Coach Fulmer has his star runningback on the field for the first game despite some undisclosed conduct issues. Erik Ainge will have a terrific year and Tennessee will pull off a one loss SEC season.

Alex – 6th. Vanderbilt will live in the basement...again.
Brian – 6th. The Dores show their gold again, finish last in the east, but first in team GPA

SEC West
The way Alex sent me his picks, I have to leave it in paragraph format. So I will make my picks and then follow with his remarks
1) LSU – Too much talent on both sides of the ball. Even Les Miles can’t screw this one up. And some inside sources tell me the new offensive coordinator will make sure enough points are put on the board. Look for an undefeated season from the Tigers.

2) Auburn – With only 2 losses, it will be a good season for the Tigers. They are solid all around, but with gimpy Brandon Cox at quarterback, they just can’t do it.

3) Alabama – I hate even picking this one. I would love nothing more than to see Saban finish last in the west…but the west is just too weak this year. So, while it will not be year two thousand Saban, they will still end the season with an annoyingly third place finish.

4) Ole Miss – Put on your red and blue tinted glasses for this one. A strong offensive and defensive line will keep the Rebels in games they have no business hanging around in. And with a win over Alabama and Arkansas they pull off 4th place. However, with Seth Adams at quarterback it will not be pretty

5) Arkansas – Darren McFadden is a freak. However, in the SEC he won’t be able to handle the full load of Arkansas expectations. Expect a great season from Darren and a sub-par performance from the rest of the team. The Nutthouse will keep flashing his fingers on the sidelines though.

6) Miss State – The beating will begin on Thursday night and just carry through the rest of the season. This might be it for Coach Croom.

SEC west story: So much talk about how incredible LSU will be. For the sake of an interesting post, I'll go against the grain. Here's why: While they have tons of talent, it is nowhere as talented as they have been the past two years - and they couldn't win a championship. I don't buy all the confidence about Matt Flynn. He had one good game against a Miami team
that cared nothing about playing in a peach bowl and simply laid down. The game before that, he was AWFUL against Georgia in the SEC championship game. Les Miles will find a way for them to lose 2 SEC games again. Arkansas (despite what their
'deliverance-like' fans say) will be a disaster. Darren McFadden will not win the heisman, and may get injured. Every team will be gunning for him, spying him, and seeking to knock him out of games. The media-hype will get to him, the off-field distractions with Houston Nutt, the injuries, etc...a losing season awaits them. My pick for the SEC west will be Auburn
at 7-1. Good defense and good coaching will get them back to Atlanta. Bama will improve, but won't win more than 8 games. Miss State will be terrible, worse than Vandy, and take home the SEC's "big ten" team of the year.

SEC Championship
Alex - If Tennessee gets to the championship game, Vols beat Auburn. If Florida gets to the championship game, Auburn revenges an earlier
season loss and wins.
BrianLSU and Tennessee battle it out with LSU taking it home.

National Championship
Brian – Not original at all, but LSU vs. USC. LSU proves the SEC dominance again as ESPN doesn’t know what to do with their “greatest teams of all time” honors already being handed to USC before the game.
Alex - USC vs. West Virginia (USC wins)

Other notes:

Alex - Houston Nutt will get fired in November...Bama' fans will be outraged with only 7 wins...Michigan will lose to Ohio State again...Notre
Dame wins 6 games...Wisconsin wins Big 10....Even with Notre Dame starting out 1-5, Lou Holtz is still convinced the Irish can turn it around to win 10 games.....Texas beats Oklahoma and wins Big 12.....Holtz is shocked to learn that Notre Dame will not play 15 regular season games...Miami vs. Florida State becomes one of the most meaningless games of the season....Lou Holtz' slur becomes so bad, ESPN begins
to insert sub-titles during his comments....

Brian – Tim Tebow is annoyingly hyped every week by ESPN. Darren McFadden will set an SEC single game rushing record…. And Lou Holtz mysteriously “disappears” from the booth halfway through the season and ESPN acts like he was never apart of their cast from the beginning.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Curse Of Madden

The legend continues to build regarding the Madden Curse. For those who are a little foggy when it comes to this term, let me jog your memory. It is a haunting trend that every time a player appears on the cover of the EA Sports game "John Madden Football", he proceeds to have a rough year to say the least. Let's take a quick glance at some past victims of the Madden Cover. You must understand that Madden "2000" would cover the 99-00 year of football.

1999 - Garrison Hearst - in 1998, Garrison had the best season of his career by rushing for over 1500 yards. The curse of Madden appears to be avoided until as Madden would say "Boom", he suffers an ankle break in the playoffs.

2000- Barry Sanders - He retired before the season started. I think he just didn't want what he knew was coming. In response, EA sports released a cover with Dorsey Levins. How did Dorsey perform? He gained less than 300 total yards from scrimmage. Ouch.

2002 - Daunte Culpepper - After a career year, the year of his Madden fame, Culpepper throws 13 interceptions in his first 11 games and then was sidelined the rest of the year with a back injury.

2004 - Michael Vick - Let's just say the cover came slamming down on Vick. He suffered a pre-season fracture to his right fibula. By the time he returned, the Falcons were out of the playoff hunt.

2006 - Donavan McNabb - By now, you would think people would have learned. McNabb's appearance on the cover earned him a hernia followed by season ending surgery.

2007 - Shaun Alexander - After one of the greatest statistical seasons from a running back, the "curse" breaks his foot, taking him out of 6 games and forcing his first sub 1,000 yard season.

2008 - Vince Young - Thank goodness it wasn't one of my New Orleans Saints. Seeing Drew Brees go down with a broken clavicle would have done me in. Is the curse true? Who knows, but I don't think you will see my drafting Vince in my fantasy league. Unfortunately with Jake Plummer retired, I don't know who I will gamble with this year. It was always exciting to get "Snake Bitten" towards the end of the year.

On a further note, the Madden Curse looks to carry over into more serious territory. Mike Vick appears to be pleading guilty and most likely will spend some time in jail. People will playfully blame it on the curse?. However, it should come as no surprise that so many of our cultural icons who appear to "have it all," seem never to be satisfied. Most would think that an endless supply of money along with national and worldwide fame would most certainly bring satisfaction. Yet, if that were the case, then the people of the United States would be the most joyful and content people in all of history. But, our culture is plagued with a bass note of discontent. It's not a new problem, Ecclesiastes reminds us that outside of Christ it is all "vanity of vanities! All is vanity." True satisfaction and joy is only found only as we live according to our Maker's design. Which at the end of Ecclesiastes is summed up with his conclusion "Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man."

P.S. Look for Sweet Emotion's college football picks coming Monday or Tuesday. Yes's that time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

one flew over the cuckoo's nest

Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet. Dr Evil claimed that his father invented the question mark. George Costanza claimed to have "artistic integrity". Sheryl Crow claimed we can slow down global warming by whiping with one sheet of toilet paper. And now, Lou Holtz has claimed that Notre Dame is a top ten team with real BCS potential. Holtz doesn't need counseling or anything like that, he needs a whole team of doctors. like at the university level, classes need to be dedicated to studying and analyzing the words that come out of his mouth. Somebody could write a valuable disertation on the outrageous claims of Lou Holtz and their meaning. Let's compile all of his recent statements that deserve a double take (that would include most of them). Please list any outrageous claims worth noting, especially one's by the old raisin behind the ESPN desk.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Sweep

With college football season looming on the horizon, I wanted to get in another game show ranking before I am too late. Yes, I know the top ten game shows of all time (ranked by Sweet Emotion) has rumbled along as fast a Grant Heard 30 yard touchdown run (you Ole Miss fans know what I'm talking about). None the less, I now continue a look into the world of game shows and announce the #7 game show of all time.

7) Supermarket Sweep - It's the only reason that any sweet emotion reader should have ever tuned into "Lifetime." Supermarket Sweep (SS) was made famous in 1990 for its fast paced grocery store action, and middle America appeal.

Host: (rating 7) David Ruprecht. Some might protest David getting an equal rating with the likes of Pat Sajak, however, David's unintentional comedy level soars his score way up. David had catchy lines, a permanent smile, and changing hair color. His compassion always showed forth after a failed Bonus Sweep. The upset team would walk back to David and then he would kindly walk them down the aisle to the winning product. Upping David's score was also his catchy ending soundoff, "When you hear the beep, think of all the fun you can have on Supermarket Sweep."

Game Format: (rating 7). In the show, three teams, usually married couples (although my brother and I could have kicked some tail) competed in a series of grocery based quiz questions. Then based on the teams performance, time is awarded for the "Big Sweep." During the Big Sweep, one shopper from each team ran wild through the aisles accruing as much pricey goods as possible. The shopper who spent the most (don't forget the 20 dollar turkeys) went on to the final round. If the game format was only rated based on the Big Sweep then the rating would be much higher. However, the round robin and other quiz games brought down the score. A question about the "Big Sweep:" Did anyone ever grab the fresh fruit or vegetables?

Grand Finale: (rating 6.5) The grand finale was known as the "Bonus Sweep." The team had 60 seconds to find 3 products based on various clues. Usually, the show ended with a gut wrenching search for the final product that everyone watching tv could see, but the contestants somehow missed. I usually got frustrated with the team's performance, but I did appreciate how seemingly few people completed the task. The "fan of money" on the last product was a nice display. My only negative for the bonus sweep was my growing frustration with the contestants poor performance.

Overall: (rating 6.9) A unique idea for a game combined with fast paced action and an above average host brought our TV sets a classic game show. The mandated sweaters with a built in collar, inflatable bonuses, and the ever evolving chances to earn more money in the big sweep (roasting coffee, etc) all kept the show exciting. What watcher of this who has never thought about the game show while hurrying through your local grocery store. Now that Lifetime no longer carries "Supermarket Sweep" I can return to my manly ban on the station. Who can forget the cheesy beginning where a product was called and the possessor of that product came running down the steps. A poor imitation of "come on down", but again the unintentional comedy was worth it.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Star Wars Hermeneutics

I watched 'Jedi' the other day and had a kind of "ahah" moment. I had a kind of capernican revolution that I will subject to further criticism. When Luke is before the Emperor watching the rebel fleet get ambushed, he is being taunted and encouraged to pick up his light saber and strike down the emperor. This act of "anger" (as the Emperor describes it) will be his path to the darkside. Being provoked more and more, Luke reaches for his lightsaber and attempts to strike down the Emperor - only he is stopped by Darth Vador blocking the strike with his sith-colored red lightsaber. Here is where my thoughts pondered, Was Vador's action an attempt to protect the emperor from Luke....OR....was it an attempt to protect Luke from the Emperor? Was he protecting his master from being destroyed or his son from joining the dark side?

I have some reasons that could seem to go either way, but I pose the question to be discussed.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why I love Capitalism

I could write paragraphs on why I love Capitalism. However, I will just have a show and tell.

Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

The newest T-Shirt from PETA haters.

Only in a capitalistic society could these kind of of things sell in an open market. I love it.

No big surprise in the PGA tour. Tiger Woods is tying course records and will continue to mow down the competition the rest of the weekend. No doubt the highlight has been John Daly's performance. I can only hope he stays competitive through the weekend. When John is playing well, the humor level of the tournament rises exponentially. Where else can you see a golfer smoke a cigarrette per hole and down a diet coke every other one. He ended the day Thursday with some priceless quotes including but not limited to: "I am in better shape than Tiger."

Football season is in the air. Watch closely for Sweet Emotion's predictions.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Real King

Oh Hank, we adore you and salute you as the real home run king. Suck on it Bonds, and we hate the people of San Francisco.

...we also salute the Babe for doing it on beer and hot dogs....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

weather thoughts

It's late and i am randomly thinking. We've had some really Hot and Humid weather up here in Philadelphia this week. It's been in the upper 90's all week. The news up here is so over the top with how they handle this. Hot weather will be the lead story on the news....ahead of 2 to 3 murders, a robbery, or any national news. Today they actually discouraged people from going outside and kept "reminding" people to drink water. What do they think we are doing outside? running marathons and digging ditches? This heat was like every summer day in Georgia, and i imagine the same throughout Mississippi and most of the south. Down there, if it's gonna be 99 tommorow they say "well, it's gonna be warm again tommorow." These people up here are freaking out. It's like they think there's an invasion or something. Just get a frappin' pool.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Putting on a Clinic

There are times when Tiger Woods is impressive and then there are days like today where he puts on an absolute clinic and begins to play at a different level than anyone has dared go. What made the day even more mouth dropping was the manner in which he did it. He played alongside Rory Sabatini and toyed with him like a cat with a crippled mouse. In case you missed it, Sabatini was quoted a few months ago as saying "Tiger is more beatable now than ever, I like the new Tiger." Of course that ticked Tiger off, and so he took great pleasure in not just beating Sabatini but delicately taking him apart hole by hole. Get this, Tiger started the day one shot back and won by 8 shots...8 shots. Sabatini struggled, hacking it all over the course - Tiger watched all day with a small smirk out of the corner of his mouth. When Sabatini putted, Woods "pretended" to be occupied with cleaning his cleats or leaning carelessly on his putter. It was all intentional, every little action was meant to personify "I'm kicking your butt...and enjoying it." Tiger finished the day as the only player in the tournament under par, he shot 65 to Sabatini's 74, he chipped in twice from the fringe, hit almost 80% of the greens in regulation, didn't make a bogey, and most impressive -- he did not miss a put inside 8 feet all week. From puts 8 feet or less, he was 100%!! After 12 holes Nick Faldo said that they should pause for a time of silence in honor of Sabatini's funeral procession. Tiger ripped a drive on 8 so far, David Fehrety said "that's vaporized." The whole round was simultaneously mindboggling and funny.

The PGA championship is this week at Southern Hills. The recent memory there is the 2001 U.S. Open, Retief Goosen missed a short putt on 18 and had to win it in a playoff next day. Tulsa, Oklahoma is going to be very hot and humid. Golf fans desperately need someone worthy to win the tournament, this is turning out to be one of the lamest group of major winners of all time. On thursday/Friday the Masters/U.S. Open/British Open champs play in a group together. Compare this: last year the group was Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and Geoff Ogilvy - this year it is Zack Johnson, Angel Cabrera, Padrig Harrington. While last year everyone followed the champions group, i think it will be pretty barren.

I love the PGA, they've chosen really great courses in recent past - had the best champions (last three have been Tiger, Phil, and Vijah) - and produced exciting finishes. As much as they are pushing the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs, this tournament really brings the season to a close and moves over for pre-season football. I implore you to tune in to CBS next weekend, maybe our summer will finally get a decent champion. Any thoughts on the PGA or potential champs...other than Tiger, think a little.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Oh the wide range of topics we cover here in our sweet emotion world...from circus peanuts, to the Pac-10 to the NFL...let me throw out a couple of Michael Vick comments

Michael Vick - I would like to hear from our two frequent readers what they think about this sticky situation. Personally, the first time I heard about it I thought it was no big deal. But it appears the more they dig into the situation, the worse it looks for ole Mr. Vick. I think ultimately he will end up just having to pay some sort of fine...but his co-defendant pleading guilty might change my opinion. One thing is for sure, this season his playing time is going to be severely diminished. On the bright side, the Falcons now turn to Joey Harrington...oh wait. Don't be surprised if you hear Joe Horn volunteering his services at the quarterback position. I love Joe Horn, and for him it will be just more opportunities to get the ball into the right man's hands.

Is it just me or is the outrage at Vick a little out of proportion. Don't miss what I am saying. If Michael participated in the brutal crime of dog fighting then he should be punished. However, as I heard one person point out... was there this big of an uproar when Ray Lewis allegedly was involved in killing a man? Were people protesting the streets? Sometimes it appears that people are more outraged with animal abuse than human abuse.

On another note, is anyone else sick of ESPN ramming David Beckham down our throats? Does anyone else feel that they are trying their best to make us care about MLS soccer? One more example of how out of touch they sometimes are. Please stop.

Oh and...I'm not sure I'm going to the Auburn-Ole Miss pre-game anymore. Did not know eagle's could do this.