Monday, April 30, 2007

Comments on the Draft and J.C. Ryle

I was only able to check in on the draft here and there. But a few comments are necessary.

1) If I were a Detroit Lions fan, I would sell all my Lions Jerseys and hats this morning. I can understand making the same mistake twice. I wonder what goes on in the Lions war room? If I had the chance to be in the draft war room, here’s how our conversation would go.

Brian: Mr. Millen. What are you thinking for your pick?
Matt: Brian, we’re just one good receiver away from making it to the playoffs.
Brian: Who is going to throw the ball to these receivers? Jon Kitna?
Matt: Brian, we’re just one good receiver away from making it to the playoffs.
Brian: Who is going to block for Kitna (muffle a laugh) and give him time to throw to your receivers?
Matt: Brian, we’re just one good receiver away from making it to the playoffs.
Brian: Mr. Millen, How many alcoholic beverages have your consumed this morning? Mr. Millen, did someone bet you a lot of money that you wouldn’t draft 4 receivers in a row? Mr. Millen, is Mike Ditka your personal draft advisor?

2) Looks like owners/coaches/G.M.’s of NFL Teams are closet readers of Sweet Emotion. What other explanation could there be for Brady Quinn dropping into the late first round? Sweet Emotion is impacting the world.

3) Worst pick of the draft has to be Ted Ginn Jr. I’m not saying they should have taken Quinn, but good grief. I don’t see Ginn being anything but at best a good number 2 receiver.

4) Best draft: Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots. I’m sorry, but Randy Moss! If he doesn’t explode in the locker room, Randy Moss with the New England Patriots is a scary combination. It will be fun next year watching a Bill Belichik and Randy Moss yelling match on the sidelines. The New England Patriots might just be the new Miami Dolphins. Randy Moss and Brandon Merriweather (head stomper in Miami) should be quite a combo.

Changing gears now....around every corner there seems to be bad news. Cancer, hardships, and death seem to be more frequent. It’s probably only a part of aging and comes with widening the scope of people one knows. However, it’s made me think. Amidst all these events, I’ve noticed something that J.C. Ryle brought to my attention.

A murder, a sudden death, a shipwreck or a railway accident will completely occupy the minds of a neighhbourhood and be in the mouth of everyone you meet. An yet these persons dislike talking of their own death and their own prospects in the world beyond the grave. Such is human nature in every age. In religion men are willing to talk of anybody’s business rather than their own.

How true: We can talk about death, but refuse to think about our own. We hear about cancer, but rarely think about the logical conclusion: There is a good chance I might be diagnosed. An individual loves discussing “religion”, but is deathly afraid to confront himself with tough religious questions. Case in point: ask a person in the south if he’s a Christian, and many times it’s an offensive question.

However, death, illness, and tragedy remind us that no one will avoid the grave. Where is my/your hope? If it’s not in the Lord Jesus Christ who has lived the life I should have lived on my behalf, and paid the penalty of my sin on the cross, then the last beat of my heart is a paralyzing fear. It’s a paralyzing fear that can only be dealt with by avoiding the subject altogether.
“The state of our souls should always be our first concern….The converted man will always think first of his own heart, his own life, his own deserts and his own sins. Does he hear of a sudden death? He will say to himself. “Should I be found ready if this had happened to me?”…Let us feel tender pity and compassion for all who suffer violence or are removed by sudden death. But let us never forget to look at home and to learn wisdom from ourselves from all that happens to others."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to make the right pick

The NFL draft each year seems to provide some of the best comedy in all of sports. Teams spend countless hours studying college kids and where they might be "picked", we could really compare this to our neighborhood pickup wiffleball games when we just chose teams - it seams the only difference is actual money is involved. There is comedy from the analyst's who get upset when teams don't pick who they think they should pick. in 1989 just before his excessive hair dying began Mel Kiper responded to the NY Jets picking Freeman McNeil from UCLA "It's obvious to me that the Jets just don't understand what the draft is all about." I can envision him one year being way off and just getting up from that desk and looking around at all those people like Jack Nicholson in a few good men "this is funny, that's what this is. You freakin' people! All you did was weakin' a league today. That's all you did. You put people's lives in danger. Sweet dreams, son."

The NFL fans are hilarious - they pack out Madison square garden in Jerseys, tailgate before hand, get loaded all to see there team do the same thing they saw in gym class, 'we pick carl!'...The loathing that goes on is just, but hilarious. I heard a 49ers fan call in a show last year to comment on Matt Leinhart not being the #1 pick, when asked if the 49ers would have taken him over Alex Smith the year before, the fan said "we would have taken Leinhart with one arm, then taken his other appendage and beaten Alex Smith to death with it!!" Imagine the continual frustration of the Detroit Lions fans. Thats all i look forward to, the reaction on the faces of Lions fans and the look of assurance from Matt Millen after the pick -- it's small smile with a nodding head and a quick eye wink. Honestly, what kind of research are they doing?? It's like all Matt Millen does is watch CFB highlights on sportscenter. "hey Matt, did you see that catch that Michigan State WR made last night?"..."Yeah, what's his name?"...."can't remember, but he seems like a lock"..."yeah, let's check out his ratings on playstation NCAA 2002!!" If the Lions draft Calvin Johnson, It will be like "We usually don't pick up hitchhikers but I'm-a-gonna go with my instinct on this one. Saddle up Partner!"

So what do you do on Draft Day?? By no means am i any kind of an expert - but Luke Evans and I have had long conversations about this. There is somewhat of a strategy about building a team and then adding to one. I think if your team is the cellar (like the Raiders, Lions, Texans) there are do's and don'ts. You HAVE TO take a risk on a QB---sure it can backfire (Jeff George, Joey Harrington, David Carr, Ryan Leaf), but there are so few good QB's - when a possibility is there you just can't stick with an old alcholic/pill-popping/PMS/whiner (that's meant to be a summary of all the QB's on the raiders roster last year). But after that, you have have have to draft a left tackle. There has to be real patience in building teams, sorry Matt - you can't throw the ball if you don't have time to do it. It's almost like Matt Millen keeps buying these "sweet rims" w/o a car to put them on.

What to do:
- if a good QB is there and you don't have one, take him - draft a solid OL - if a shutdown CB is available, take him - The first defensive position you have to fill is DL

What not to do:
- Never draft a WR in the first round (too many Marques Colston's out there, its too easy to find talent here) - Rarely, very rarely draft a RB (very replacable, all i can think about is the Denver Broncos and how they year in and year out plug in all these no names and run the ball well) - draft a kicker (Al Davis drafted Sebastion Janikowski in the first round - genious) This could go on forever, i think we should just comment on the worst draft picks and the best gambles that we can remember.

Two closing thoughts. Mike Ditka in a Hawaiian shirt with cigar in mouth on draft day 1999 confident in his decision of Ricky Williams (maybe that wasn't a cigar) - and Peter King of Sports Illustrated critiquing the Colts in 1998, "the Colts have made a
huge mistake in not taking Ryan Leaf, he is a winner."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Review

No man will let Sheryl Crow tell them what to do with their toilet paper.

Thought I would comment on a spattering of recent events. I know we've had a little global warming jabs here at Sweet Emotion. I also know that some people disagree with me. Let me at the front say that I believe Christians must take care of the environment. For Christianity, salvation is not something that "gets you away" from this horrible material place. No, it's much greater than that. God has promised to redeem us and ALL of creation. Romans 8:21 says "...the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God." Again, in Revelation, the apostle John tells us "I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dresseed for her husband." God is going to redeem the bodies of those who are in Christ and redeem the earth. Needless to say, it will be a breathtaking and glorious sight. All that to say, Christians are required to enter into God's work. Christian's must care for the environment because God does and He has commanded it (Gen. 2:28).

HOWEVER, priorities must be kept straight in our environmentalism. For example, my favorite quote of last week came from Senator Barbara Boxer of California.

I know this is a very hard and emotional week given everything that's happened: continuing violence in Iraq, horrific; the ter
rible news about the accident that our good, dear friend Governor Corzine is suffering from; the Virginia Tech tragedy that brings back in -- almost in a posttraumatic stress way to many of us the violence that exists too -- far too much in our society; and today a Supreme Court decision that I believe endangers, uh, women's health; and, of course, the global warming challenge.

Unbelievable! I agree, last week was a hard and emotional week. However, to throw in global warming as one of the hard and emotional events of last week is just out of touch with reality. Do you think anyone slightly involved with the Virginia Tech shooting is thinking about Global Warming? Does anyone think global warming is on the same level as the loss of the lives of American Soldiers and Iraqi citizens? A whole different discussion could be had about her comment on the supreme court decision. The Supreme Court ruled the killing of babies by inserting a tube into their head and collapsing their cranium as unconstitutional. She throws this ruling in with the horrific events of Virginia Tech.

As a layman and far from being labeled an expert, my point on Global Warming is this: I'm not convinced there is a crisis, but suppose there was.... there are much, much more helpful and efficient things we can do with our money to care for the environment. Danish academic, author, and yes, environmentalist argues against all the global warming rhetoric. He doesn't argue against the fact that the world is getting warmer, and probably by man's activity. However, he actually PRIORITIZES. He points out that "To put it very bluntly, the Kyoto Protocol would likely cost at least $180 billion a year and do little good. UNICEF estimates that just $70-80 billion a year could give all Third World inhabtants access to the basics like health, education, water, and sanitation." Global Warming seems to be the new thing that celebrities can get behind and feel good about themselves. Let's not forget that humans are more important than trees and animals....and I love a good tree.

For example, maybe the most unmanly quote of the month. Sheryl Crow officially tossed her name into the Global Warming fiasco. She offers this suggestion to help out with the "crisis." "I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting." Crow has suggested using "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required".

Let's get one thing straight Sheryl. No woman is going to put a limit on my toilet paper usage. The bathroom is a place of peace, luxury and where I get some of my best work done (maybe this blog was even written on the toilet). Heck if I am ever going to limit myself to one or two squares. I use a good 30 squares just building a sanitary cover for me to sit on in public restrooms. What a ridiculous solution. She obviously doesn't understand a man and his bathroom.

Secondly, the NBA Playoffs have begun? Anyone notice? Don't fret if you missed the opening games, the playoffs will carry on until something like July. Frankly, the NBA Playoffs carry on right up until the start of the next NBA regular season. All I care about is watching the Allen Iverson/Carmelo Anthony Show.

NFL draft is fast approaching. How do I know? Because Mel Kiper's hair is everywhere. Everytime I turn on the TV or radio he appears. I know this is his job (and what a great job) but good grief, is there not another "expert" out there to add a little diversity and flavor to the discussion. I just hope the Saints draft Patrick Willis. I still look fondly upon the day that my beloved Saints drafted Deuce McAllister.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wiidiculous Fun

Thank You Nintendo for you lifetime service to me.

If you made it past my corny title then hear me out: It’s been almost a month now since I received a Nintento Wii for my birthday (You can still wish me a happy late birthday). I’ve only been able to play a few times due to the rigors of schoolwork (also known as procrastination). However, even in the little time I’ve played, I feel safe saying this: The Nintendo Wii is the greatest invention in the video game world since the 360-degree world!

What do I mean by the 360-degree world? Well who can forget when video games changed from a side to side, or top to bottom world (think original Mario Brothers) to an all around, go-wherever-you-wish world (think Mario 64). The creation of this world was a breakthrough in the video game industry. It enabled me to spend countless hours exploring the deep worlds of Zelda and Mario. What geeky fun. I’ve said it before, but Mario 64 (I would suggest mainly due to this breakthrough) was the first game where I saw people just stand around utterly content to watch the game being played by other individuals.

What I appreciate about the Wii, is the people of Nintendo went out on a limb and tried something entirely new. Microsoft and Sony simply kept revving up improvements on the same system. Graphics were improved, game-play tweaked, and geeky new features continually added. However, at the end of they day, it’s the same system. One takes the controller in his hands and moves the character with a joystick. The Wii, however, took a chance and it’s unbelievably fun. To take a controller and actually make it into a golf club adds a whole new dimension.

Games that simply employ right timing on button pushing and joystick control can be mastered fairly easy. However, it’s a little harder to master something that involves an individual’s motion. For example, I still have trouble not slicing my shot in Tiger Woods golf. Why? Because my golf swing is horrific. Instead of simply mashing the A-Button at the correct time, I now have to swing with good tempo and avoid rolling my wrists too much. Granted, I’ve only played a few times, but it always annoyed me how easily sports games were mastered by frequency of play. Who didn’t with enough practice begin shooting 18 under on the first Tiger Woods golf? Now, the motion sensitive controller adds a whole new dimension.

Secondly, the Wii adds a whole new dimension of fun for groups of people. My wife actually enjoys playing the Wii and ashamedly beat me in bowling the first time we played (I promptly announced the game was rigged and we would never play bowling again). There is something beautiful about looking at a room with 4 individuals swinging their controller like a tennis racket.

Thirdly, other than my eyes getting sore from 5 straight hours of staring at a Zelda screen, I’ve never been tired from video games. A friend of mine told me his forearm was sore following the first day he played a Wii. Nintendo is fighting America’s obesity.

Finally, the possibilities for the Wii have now easily surpassed Microsoft and Sony. The potential of a good baseball game (if it’s a curve ball you actually have to swing down in the strikezone to catch it), or Super Smash Brothers is exciting. Nintendo has done it again, if you haven’t played a Wii yet, it’s worth a try. It’s a whole new dimension to actually swing your controller, hear the sound of a golf ball being hit, and then take in the roar of the crowd screaming “YOU DA MAN” as you follow through. For geeks like me who fantasize about playing professional sports, it’s as close as we’ll ever get.

I hope this blog has been a reminder of how you can always count on Sweet Emotion to cover the most important news in the world. Wiidiculous

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Help Alex out...get cheap books

As you scroll through 'sweet emotion' and ponder through our page, i know you don't take advantage of our elaborate list of should. Seriously though, do me a favor and please click on the "westminster bookstore" link a few times at each visit. They have started new program where i accumulate points for hits off of this page, and with points gift certificates amount. Plus, Westminster is doing some remodeling and is need of trimming supplies - thus there is an enormous 50% off sale each week. Check the site if you buy books. You won't find a better selection or cheaper prices. And hey, i'll get free stuff if you do!

Movie Review

I watched Chariots of Fire a month ago with some Millsaps folk. I was reminded once again of the movie’s excellence and of my desire for a cool Scottish accent. Good scenery, good acting, a good beach scene, and a great story. As everyone knows, it’s the story of Harold Abrams and Eric Liddel and their quest for Olympic gold. Behind the story is a vivid picture of idolatry and worship.

For Harold Abrams, the pursuit of a championship stems from an idolatry of winning. In one chilling scene before the 100 meter dash, Abrams glances at his friend and says “And now in one hour's time I will be out there again. I will raise my eyes and look down that corridor; 4 feet wide, with 10 lonely seconds to justify my whole existence. But WILL I?" A great illustration of the snare of idolatry. Idolatry always makes its worshiper say, I must have (fill in the blank) to have happiness and satisfaction. Again, Abrams feels the emptiness of idolatry when he states , "I'm forever in pursuit and I don't even know what I am chasing."

Idolatry is the worship of anything but God. It is the essence of the first commandment and at the core of all sin. Idolatry occurs when one looks to anything outside of Christ as his/her savior. It could be money, approval of man, success, or a spouse. For Harold, it was being the best. He was convinced that if only he was the best, he would be happy, satisfied, and who he was made to be. The English sprinter was worshiping success. Follow your time, your money, and your daydreaming and at that point you have your true god. What do I look at and say “if only I had that, then I would be satisfied?”

The movie does a great job of depicting the slavery of idolatry. Abrams believes the idol is serving him. He thinks his running success will bring satisfaction and make him someone. However, throughout the movie the viewer realizes that in fact Abrams has begun serving the idol. It is his running and vicious pursuit of success that controls him instead of vice versa. Idolatry is a vicious taskmaster. He puts his girlfriend on hold, seems to have little enjoyment in life, and is so scared of losing he reaches despair. Even after achieving his life goal, he still looks so unsatisfied. He sorrowfully comes to see the truth of an earlier statement by Liddell. Liddell at one point asks the question “how long does the winning feeling last?” The promises of satisfaction and joy made by Abram’s idol were fleeting. Idolatry never delivers the satisfaction and salvation promised. Indeed the idol has enslaved him! It has required a treadmill of work with no real joy and relief at the end.

What a picture of us. We were made to glorify God and enjoy him forever. However, as Calvin states, we are idol-making factories. We keep looking at things outside of Christ and think if I don’t have (popularity - yours truly) or ____ I’m not sure I can go on. Abrams said without success and victory I am no one.

On the other hand, Eric Liddell is content and relaxed yet just as driven. The Scottish speedster has a different motivation! In a chilling scene, his sister Janie pleads with him to quit running. She argues “all this running is getting in the way of the real work (his being a missionary).” Liddell passionately responds with the goosebumps line, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast, and when I run I feel his pleasure.”

Eric knew running was just as Godly as preaching. God had given Eric an incredible gift and to not use and cultivate that gift is to “hold God in contempt.” Therefore, when Eric ran, it wasn’t slavery, but freedom. The running scenes let viewer enter into Eric’s freedom and joy. Liddell could run his heart out knowing he was using his gift for God’s glory. It brought a joy and freedom almost evident on the screen. He knew he had the approval of God in the imputed righteousness of Christ. Having the approval of God sent him out into the world to perform his tasks out of love for Christ. His performance was earning nothing, for all approval was earned at the cross. Since all approval was earned in Jesus Christ, he could freely run his best, and neither success nor failure changed his worth in Christ. First place, second place or last place did not change his status before Christ. On the other hand, Abrams acceptance was solely based on his performance. Therefore failure meant despair, and the dissatisfaction of success meant only more despair.

A Christian may be gifted in mathematics (that gift missed me) The mathematician glorifies God through honest accounting or mathematics instruction, while another may be gifted in the sciences or preaching. The beauty of the body is that God has equipped all his children in different ways. “If the foot should say, Because I am not a hand I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body.” (I Cor. 12:15) We worship and live for a God who gives us approval through Christ and then sends us out into service. We give our best to Christ and know that amidst our failings and sin Christ has died for us. Abrams discovered that anything outside of Christ would not die for him. When he failed, his running ability couldn’t die and make atonement for him. Only Jesus makes atonement for “he who knew no sin became sin on our behalf so that we might become the righteousness of God.” Nothing but God is large enough to handle the weight of all our hopes and desires.

We look to Jesus as our substitute AND as an example. Consider Hebrews 12:2. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” It was a joy set before Him which motivated Christ to endure the cross. What brought joy to the God of this universe? It was his children. Jesus endured the cross in anticipation of the joy of freeing his children from slavery and bringing them into His kingdom and family. May we consider it a joy to serve the living God out of a thankful heart that realizes there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1)

On another movie note, I'm getting pretty excited about movies this summer. Hopefully sweet emotin can review a few for some of its readers. My films I'm looking forward to are:
1) Transformers - seeing Optimus Prime on the big screen made me return to childhood.
2) Spiderman 3
3) Die Hard IV

Friday, April 13, 2007

reflections on our culture

Ok, now that this is starting to simmer down b/c Don Imus has been fired from everything - i just want to pose some thoughts i've had about how this event has unfolded and what it speaks about our present culture. First of all, I didn't condone what he said, it's never appropriate to call a girl a "ho". No girl deserves that. I understand those Rutgers girls being hurt and bothered by those comments. What is interesting to me is who else was bothered by the comment. Did he address the comment to all black women? No, the court was full of Tennessee's players as well - who were also black women (isn't it interesting we havn't heard anything from them). While the context doesn't excuse what he said, he didn't say all black women are "nappy headed ho's" - he made the comment about the Rutger's basketball team. Why are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson so offended by this? Why are so many enraged people speaking out about this? Imus didn't make generalized racist comments near as much as he made degrading sexist comments - shouldn't those Rutgers women be more bothered as women than the fact that they are black women? Why isn't Martha Burke speaking out on this?? Now, i certainly know why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are offended - I pose that hypothetical question to point out how and where our culture draws lines of what they tolerate and what they do not. The culture essentially divides things into little sins and big sins. There are wrong things you do and then there are wrong things you may NEVER do. As I watched the video footage of Don Imus on Al Sharpten's radio show, i was struck not by how different they were - but that they were the exact same. Don't you see that they were drawing the same line - only in different places. They both crossed a line, just different lines. Imus crossed the line you are not permitted to cross in this country. Our culture now has a ZERO tolerance policy for racial or sexist comments, if you do that-you will be socially tared and feathered. According to our culture, "you must not show even a hint of sensitivity immorality". Imus committed a "big sin" if you will let me use that term here. But Also, Al Sharpton crossed a line - yet it is one he is permitted to cross. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are both reported to have had multiple marital affairs and illegitimate children. Yet, no one dare damage their character according to those actions. Why? Because it's not a big deal in our culture if you do that. It is a big deal if you blast a derogatory comment. Here is the point: Neither of those men are being held to proper standards of Character. When we watch that footage, we essentially choose a bad guy and a good guy - you choose that guy according to where YOU DRAW THE LINE. People who are defending either of these sides (with exception to the Rutgers women themselves) are essentially just making religious claims, power claims at that. 50 years ago Don Imus could have made those absurd comments and no one would have said a thing - but if he was cheating on his wife, the media would have had field day with that and crucified him. Now in our culture, you can cheat on your wife and the media will pass it off - look at our former president and possible future presidential candidate. It's not a big deal anymore, yet if you say derogatory comments now--your as good as gone. The problems are the same, it's just that our culture has so shifted it's lines that the impact of the problems is now reveresed. Don't you see that these are religous shifts, in a shift from modernity to postmodernity. The culture shift is a naive religous shift. The penny drops when you see that nobody can give a proper rationale for the shift - b/c if you ask people on a personal level, both problems will hurt you - with equal pain.

On a lighter note, when comedian Wanda Sykes was asked to comment on the situation, she simply said "When did i become the spokeswoman for Nappy headed Ho's??"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Salute to Manhood

We would be entirely wrong if we did not salute the achievement of Martin Strel. I'm sure all 3 of you devoted Sweet Emotion fans remember when we covered Martin's bold proclamation. He said he was going to swim the Amazon or die trying.

On April 7th, he accomplished his manly goal and is still alive. Just think about it. He swam the distance of roughly Miami to Seattle. It took him 9 weeks of swimming 50 miles a day with Piranhas, the dreaded toothpick fish (unmanly fish...swims up a man's orifice and sucks the man's blood), and even bull sharks. The varieties of problems and diseases he encountered are not even worth listing. But let's just say I've probably only heard of 2 of them, and the rest sound really painful. I told Kurt Cooper about Martin, and he responded with: "But he swam downstream didn't he." I'm just hoping Martin doesn't read Kurt's response.

Sweet Emotion gives the 52 year old our strong salute. Let's let Martin propel us to make ridiculous goals for ourselves. As if he wasn't manly enough, after the swim someone asked him about the possibilities of swimming the Nile one day. Martin's response:
"I am not going to do the Nile. It's long but not challenging enough, it is just a small creek, The Amazon is much more mighty."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not so famous celebrities?

You Can't Run Away From Who You Are

I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding our pop culture world. The other day, I started thinking about celebrities who are actually “famous characters.” What I mean is there are certain actors/actresses who are simply famous for the role they played. The criteria for a “person turned character” is as follows:

1) If you were to see this person strolling through the streets of your hometown, your first instinct would be to yell out his movie/TV characters name instead of his/her own real name.
2) If you are flipping through the television and stumble across this actor. You become physically uncomfortable watching the actor play a different role.
3) If you see the actor/actress in another movie/show, you keep waiting for him to bust out one of your favorite lines from his previous role.

1) Jason Alexander – Who can help it? When one plays such a classic role in such a great comedy, it’s a hard stigma to lose. Jason will always be the loveable George Costanza, and that’s not a bad thing. Yada…yada…yada

2) Jennifer Anniston – Though she’s made some great efforts at expanding her image, I think she still falls in this category. Perhaps this one is debatable. If I saw here walking along the streets of Jackson, MS….I would more likely call her Jennifer than Rachel. Oh well. I’ve just convinced myself this was a poor choice.

3) Reginald VelJohnson – Maybe not a specific character. You might think of him in Family Matters, or you might remember him from Die Hard. But he will always be an overweight cop that loves to eat. (Turner and Hooch anyone?)

4) Ralph Maccio – When I saw Ralph in My Cousin Vinny I screamed…. “Daniel Larusso is gonna fight” Let’s face it, the reason he is out of acting is he just can’t get past it. I kept waiting for him to drop a crane kick on Joe Pesci.

5) Mario Lopez – attempting to play Greg Luganis as your big breakthrough was a poor choice. Animal Planet appearances and other gigs have never been able to shake the stigma of being Albert Clifford (A.C.) Slater. Just slip back on the elastic waistband jeans and revel in your role.

6) Mark Paul Gosselar – Again, who doesn’t see him on another show and accidentally say “that’s Zach Morris.” Every time I see him, I expect to see basketball High tops being worn with his pants.

7) Richard Dean Anderson – you can’t wear a mullet for that long, stop a bomb with a hockey ticket and not expect to be eternally remembered for your role. When ole Rich appeared in the T.V. show “Stargate”, for me it was simply watching Macgyver uncomfortably live in some future world.

8) Robert Patrick – That’s right, you probably don’t even know his real name, that’s because he will always be T-1000 from Terminator. Heck, instead of yelling his name, if I saw this guy strolling downtown streets in a police uniform, I might just run away screaming for Arnold!

9) John Stamos – Saw him the other day on a talk show. What were my thoughts? There is Uncle Jessie, Elvis lover, motorcycle rider, yet a tender-hearted uncle to his nieces. Heck, go ahead and lump any Full House character into this category.

10) Mark Hamill – Mark will always be Luke Skywalker. Hands down, no questions asked. Few can be the central character of the greatest trilogy of all time and expect to lose the label. I refuse to believe that the reason Mark didn’t have starring roles in other movies was due to a lack of ability (snicker)…it’s simply because he would be Luke Skywalker in whatever movie he made an appearance.

11) Carrie Fisher – Nice try in “The Burbs.” However, Carrie will always be the bun style haired Princess Lea.

12) ALF – Come on, have you ever seen the lovable 80’s alien in any other show or movie? Of course not, he will always be ALF.

13) Kazaam – Whenever I see Shaquile O’Neal on the basketball court, I think…”look at Kazaam play basketball.”

I hope you enjoyed the discussion. Here at sweet emotion we deal with all the important issues in life. I hope this will enhance your pop culture lens and create some stimulating discussions. Any other ideas?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Final Thoughts on the tournament

I definitely went back and forth before the game on whether or not to cheer for Florida. I mean come on, how are we going to deal with Florida fans now? When has a school won the national championship in both football and basketball in the same year - and both in dominant fashion. If that's not enough, add on the fact that their football team had the #1 recruiting class and then repeated as National Champs again. Has there ever been such dominance by one school in the major sports?? It's becoming quite hilarious now that Sports Illustrated decided to call Ohio State "the program" a month ago in light of their consistent butt woopings by Florida. How could they by any sense of the imagination make that claim? Thank you SI for proving to us once again...the big ten is a joke.

But more than that, it was extremely impressive What Florida did - they beat VERY good teams, and handily at that. It was easy to tell that neither UCLA nor Ohio State could match up with them. As I watched the game, these were some of the thoughts that went through my mind:

- SEC athletes are fast...especially the black guys

- How long are Corey Brewer's arms? Is he really only 6"9? Does Billy Donnovan have a 'go-go gadget arms' button for him?

- Why was Jokim Noah's dad walking up and down the aisle every time the camera was on him, was he going out for "smoke breaks" or just to play the bongo's? And was the Georgia dome lighting really that bright or was it the 'red-eye'??

- How old is Greg Oden?.....seriously

- Ohio State had no offensive game plan, what goes on in their locker rooms? Does Thad Matta do any coaching over on that bench, or is the strategy "Get it to the old guy, if he's not open...just jack it up!"...i.e...."throw it up B#%*&" (only Joel will get that)

- Billy Packer seems to be a sort of "Newman" character, no credentials for anything - but always there to correct you or annoy you.

- Also, Does Jim Nantz have a dream job or what? Let's see...last month i was at the Patriots/colts game then the super bowl, last weekend i'm calling the final four and what am i doing this week??...Oh yeah, I'll be heading up the broadcast for the Masters!!j

- Was this a boring tournament? Has there ever been a tournament with so few upsets? Good

- How many agents were waiting in the tunnel with contracts when both teams walked off the floor last night? I think it's safe to say that very few will be in class today....tommorow...or the rest of the semester.

- Was Billy Packer drunk when he asserted that Greg Oden was going to be final four MVP despite losing last night and only playing 20min saturday night, or was he just "fudging it"?

- Does Corey Brewer look like Tracy Morgan's twin?? Sure sounds like him.

- Gosh i hope Florida's football team doesn't do what their basketball team did, it may happen unless something strange happens to Urban Meyer...

- Something "strange" needs to happen to Urban Meyer

While it is the University of Florida, it still is SEC prominence. Congrats on pure domination. Basketball is over, we now suffer through the painful 16 round beating known as the NBA playoffs. Thank God the Masters is this week. I do suggest if your conscience can stand it, to put all you own on Tiger Woods to win...i don't even think that can be considered a gamble.