Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top GameShows of All-time

Number 9 on our list

If you are a child of the 80's as myself, then I'm sure game shows were a large part of your life. My reasoning is as follows: During the summers, with soap opera's being off limits, sportscenter being over, Nintendo being banned due to a recent fight what else did you watch between the hours of 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.?

Game shows are an American icon. Where else could useless knowledge win a person thousands of dollars? Think about it. You mean if I guess the right price of that sofa, then I win the sofa and the globe! That's correct! The knowledge will get your nowhere in life, but it sure is fun. Not only did the contestants play, but you could play along at home. Not to mention the host became household names around the Sorgenfrei home. Over the next week I will share my game show love with our readers by ranking the top 10 game shows of all time.

10) Video Power - I'm going out on a limb on this one. Most normal people in the world probably didn't watch this surprisingly short-lived game show.
Host: Terry Lee Torok (Rating - 1) Nothing else needs to be said here.
Game Format: using your knowledge of video games and playing ability contestants would answer quiz questions and play various video games (Rating - 2)
Grand Finale: The "Prize Round" was the name of the game. The winner would clothe himself in a Velcro suit and run wild through a "store." Every game he could pick up and Velcro to his suit would be his if he made it to the finish line in the appropriate time. (Rating - 4)
Overall: (1.7) Let's be honest, one had to be a true video game geek to enjoy this one (I'm raising my hand). I mean how many quiz questions about Donkey Kong or Paperboy can one really answer? The enjoyment of the show for me came as I dreamed of being on the show. I was sure I could destroy those kids in "Excite Bike" and the thought of running through a store with a velcro vest was beyond me. Ok, it was a terrible show...but good times.

9) $20,000 Pyramid - Longtime favorite of daytime TV fans. It combined celebrities with contestants in a primitive game of Taboo
Host: Dick Clark (rating - 8) It doesn't get much better than the one and only Dick Clark. His signature salute along with "This is Dick Clark saying So Long." will always be remembered
Game Format: (Rating - 3) I probably would have enjoyed it more in my elder years. However, sitting around giving clues trying to get your teammate to come up with the answer gets old. Some celebrities would crack a few jokes here and there, but overall it was like watching Taboo....without the Taboo words.
The Grand Finale: The Winner's Circle(Rating - 5.9) - It was difficult and intense. The clue giver would actually use arm straps to keep himself from using hand signals. In 60 seconds, the team would have to guess 6 words in different categories and win $20,000
Bonuses: The set was great. I always wanted to look into one of the red boxes the players used to get their word. Also, the winner's circle with chairs facing one another was classic. It was also one of the only games I know of that the timer actually counted upwards from 0 - 30. Lastly, the game used bonuses on the board.
Overall (5.5) - Fun game to play at home, but I needed a little more humor from Dick Clark. I did always enjoy the Winner's circle followed by Dick Clark leaning over the rail to give a few more helpful clues. Credit the Pyramid with bringing in big money prizes and celebrities.

That's all until next Dick Clark would say "So long."

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Pistol

I'm in the process of reading the newest biography on Pete Maravich. I could comment for awhile, but will save my thoughts until I finish the book. It's a fascinating story of a literal "basketball android" as he calls himself. It goes without saying that "The Pistol" has Sweet Emotion's full endorsement. He scored 44.2 points a game. Let me say that again...44.2 points a game without a three point line. We here at sweet emotion always have the solution in basketball....just gotta get more shots. Pete believed this and lived it out. Just watch the video... some of his passes will leave you wondering how they even got to the person. Enjoy the magic of Pistol.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cardinal Sin

Dear Lebron,

We love most everything you do, But don't ever do that again. Always remember "Get More Shots!"


Sweet Emotion would have never done that...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Let's go Mississippi

Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins spoke out yesterday. I'm sure Michael Vick is thankful for the support. Mr. Portis said:

"I don't know if he was fighting dogs or not, but it's his property, it's his dog,"
"If that's what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business."
"a lot of back roads that got the dog fight if you want to go see it" and that "if it's behind closed doors, it's okay."

Overlooking the fact that Mr. Portis assumes one can do whatever he wants on his own property, Mr. Portis, before saying..."a lot of back roads"... referenced that he is from Laurel, Mississippi. I for one don't think John Saucier would let this business go on in his backyard. Regardless, it's more good press for Mississippi (just stamping the stereotype).

Extreme Home Makeover: Some Reflections

I find it extremely ironic that TV producers took one of the "manliest" ideas possible and created the most "unmanly" show on the air. Ty Pennington and his 'tissue-bound' gang are the complete antithesis of Tim the tool-man Taylor. For every Grunt that Tim let out ('ahgahahgahhgaaa!!) there are 10 sniffles on 'home-makeover'. There are no explosions, no crashes, no one gets hurt -- every thing is a fairy tale ending. The handkerchief's used are not for wiping grease off your face. Since sunday night football ended, there is nothing to watch - thus, I am left in my chair, feet propped up, book in hand -- and my wife with the remote watching extreme home makeover. I catch glimpses here and there, but am never caught up in the story. I do have to admit that i pay a little closer attention when they are rebuilding a house for a black family. For white families, when they move that bus they all kind of hug and's supposed to be sweet or something. But when they move that bus for black families, it's like they won the Super Bowl. It's great, lot's of dancing, running up and down the street, hands upside down over the mouth---you almost don't know whether they are excited or scared out of their minds.

I do think what's going on during the show is a wonderful thing. Spending $ on people who are in a dead end in life and taking care of their needs. Our culture somewhat defines someone as being "dead" by being homeless, Jobless, and in debt. In some manner, this show seeks to "bring these people back to life" by giving them a home and relieving their debt. These people somewhat undergo a 'resurrection story'. They had a women who adopted children with AIDS and was shunned by the Church - yet this show, not the church became the means of her "redemption". I qualify that in order to ponder what we actually mean by "redemption". I don't know what the cast or producers of this show believes - but we do know that they seek to help people in need. We should be joining them in this.

However, I do ponder the nature of how this show is edited and put on the air. I don't want to take away from or assume the actual character of the cast - but much of what is done, while good, is done for effect. They are trying to draw you in with tears. When they sift through applications, they have to be wondering which story will bring out the most effect. It is ratings driven. The goal is tears.

The families speak of the show as a turning point, as an almost 'resurrection event' - referring to this event as pinnacle in their life story. They speak of their life as changed or saved. Is this show really bringing about change though?? Immediately we answer yes - houses restored, debts relieved. It's almost as if the year of Jubilee has come to them. Here is what is intriguing, when they speak of 'change' in their life - most of the families language isn't referring to what has changed their bodily circumstances. They are mainly referring to soul experiences. The house building is merely a means of what they are calling a dispositional change upon all of life. The show is then not all about rebuilding someone's house - but about rebuilding their entire life. The producers are after reconciliation in all areas. Two questions to think about: What message of Change is the show really bringing to these people? And secondly, is this really bringing about change?

If the message is happiness and some brief prosperity - why don't they ever do shows where they check in on the family a year from now - or two years from now and see how things are going? I imagine this show will be on the air for a long time, b/c there is no reason to take it off. I hope more and more of the poor get aid - it's sad it took a TV show to start this. If they got rid of that Ty Pennington and brought back Tim "the tool man" Taylor - I'd watch as a fan. the way, Brian P. Sulpher - do they air this in Canada?.......

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Night!

An American Icon

Attention to our 5 frequent readers: exams are over, and sweet emotion will be back on schedule.

We wouldn't be doing our audience justice if we didn't remind them of tonights monumental event. Bob Barker will be honored tonight with his final prime time edition of "The Price Is Right." (See previous post for the greatness of the show). Bigger prizes, the chance to win 1 million, and a crowd that will be going absolutely ballistic is goin to make for a memorable night.... tune in at 7:00.

My predictions:
1) Viewers will see all the big games. Plinko, the Golden Road, Triple Play, and Punchboard will all be pulled out.
2)Bob will be in a snappy Tuxedo
3) 1,000 pets will be spayed or neutered tonight
4) Bob is gonna break some rules tonight and give people 2nd and 3rd chances at winning. Heck, he'll probably just declare people winners and give them the prize if even they lose.

I also wanted to change subjects and comment on Dr. Jerry Falwell's death. I didn't always agree with his worldview/theology, and sometimes I disagreed with his public comments. However, the man loved Jesus and his family, and his soul is now made perfect in holiness in heaven. He preached the gospel and many people will praise God for all eternity because God's work in their life through his insrument Jerry Falwell. My point of the blog is this: The response has been scary.

I read a
n article on the Washington Post website regarding Falwell by Dr. Al Mohler. It's an appropriate article about Falwell and his passing away. When the reader scrolls down and reads the is appalling. I didn't post the comments out of respect, but you have to read it to believe it. Is it not ironic that the people are blasting based on his intolerance? Hatred and intolerance are spewing out of their mouth based on his intolerance...hmmm.

It's another lesson about true intolerance. In our present day, tolerance is something that affirms and accepts everything. Yet, what ends up happening is hatred for those who don't fit their definition of tolerance.

Only Christianity has the true basis for true tolerance. Tolerance is NOT belittling truth by claiming every truth claim is valid, or by never standing on tough truths. No, tolerance is standing by the truth while loving those who do not agree with or even hate it. The Lord Jesus Christ took on flesh and never denied truth, but actually upheld and fulilled the law perfectly (Matt. 5:17). Yet, he suffered and died for people that reviled him and hated him from birth. Only the gospel promotes true tolerance. The gospel works an amazing truth into a person's heart and changes them from the inside out. Because Jesus both upheld truth, and died for his people "while we were yet sinners,"(Rom. 5:8) we can uphold the truth, call others to submit to it, butlove and suffer for those who reject the truth. It's true tolerance. The free grace of God promotes truth and tolerance. The two words are incompatible with the our culture's view of tolerance, but are inseparable in the true definition of it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

SNL sessions

Last night's SNL classic got me jumping around from strong claims "this is the funniest skit" and then the next one would come..."no, this one is.." The same was with the characters - it really is amazing how great some of the cast has been. It makes me wish for an all-star cast to do a season, nothing but the best - all the time. It seems those "best of SNL" DVD's don't quite do the justice needed for the huge plethera of humor SNL has had. Maybe just in our dreams though...If i had to make a list of the greatest cast members of all time, here is the top 5:

5)Adam Sandler
4)John Belushi
3)Eddie Murphy
2) Will Ferrell
1) Chris Farley

Those are the best. I appreciate Grey Hardison for his continual Youtube posts that stir up the laughs.

...also, say it with me now "Let's Go Spurs!!!!".....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Just In...

The Eudora Welty Library in the bubbling city of Jackson, Mississippi just made this announcement:

The Eudora Welty Library on North State St. is offering visitors wireless access to the Web.

Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) access is now offered in three sitting areas around the library, with two on the second floor and one in the Mississippi Writers’ Room on the first floor. can always count on Jackson to be on the cutting edge of any new development. I'm sure the library will be flooded today with laptops and anxious users.

Sorry, the posting has been so sporadic. Exams and Summer Conference are making for a rough couple of weeks. Sweet Emotion will be back in full force in roughly a week.